In recent years, renewed attention has been directed at how policing can be further informed by academic research. In collaboration with others in at the University of Exeter and the Devon and Cornwall Police, through the Exeter Policing, Evidence, and Research Translation (ExPERT) project we are seeking to develop and sustain capacity amongst police officers and staff for evidence-based practice, to undertake research relevant to strategic priorities, and to improve knowledge transfer between the police and academia.

For instance, our “Making Sense of Evidence and Research” workshops have sought to provide officers and staff in the Devon and Cornwall Police with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to engage with research and research evidence in the course of their work. In seeking to further attendees’ willingness and capacity to alter their day-to- day practice, the workshops (and the ExPERT project more widely) are engaging with questions of how to bring about organisational change. More widely, the ExPERT project seeks to understand how data and evidence are defined, produced, and utilized within the police.

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